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Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Music, Photography |

New Music: The Color and Sound

New Music: The Color and Sound

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s promote my friends and their incredible talent. In the past I’ve introduced you to Life On Hold, most recently I posted their final release. Well, most of those members (with a few new ones sprinkled in there) ┬ámoved on to a project now called The Color and Sound. Not only can these people play but they just finished building their own recording studio (Kennedy Studios) and use it to write/record their own stuff.
Below is their first single, “Graves” and all the lyrics so you can sing along :)
I’m dying for your feedback, so do share! Who do they sound like to you?

Oh my golden state of mind faded to gray
And as I ran away I knew what to say
My rabid need for confidence has left me frothing at the mouth
So I spat out someone help me and felt sorry for myself
I’ll just go
And let the cars pass by my window
I think I’m apathetic, or just flat out pathetic, you would know.

When I get cold, I’ll think of home

Say what you want, say what you need, my head is a cave, where I’ve been digging graves for you and me.

Oh my back and forth coming thoughts shook the words right through my teeth
Where I turned black and blue, looking at you
I just keep thinking that I’m golden, that this will make sense when I’m old, but each and every step I take leads me further from the door.

Oh I’ve got the west coast blues, each and every day I just think of you
Startled by my slight of hand, and how it never fails to come back in the end
I know I’ll end up somewhere in between here and my home, and all I ever hear from you, is will it be soon.


released 28 November 2012
Written and performed by The Color and Sound
Produced, mixed, and engineered by Kennedy Studios
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Studios


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