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Posted by on Jun 13, 2010 in Interviews, Old Blog, Street Team | 2 comments

SoGoPro Street Team Sunday Interview Series: Kaitlin Olivia (KO!)

Name: Kaitlin Olivia
Location: Pennsylvania
Member on for 1 year and 1 week
SGP profile
About Me
My name is Kaitlan, I am 21 years old.Currently attending Gwynedd Mercy College as a nursing major. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have 2 brothers one older and one younger. I love to sing, and I was part of the choir all throughout high school and now college. I like anything to do with peace signs, earrings, necklaces, t-shirts….lol. Lastly I am uber excited to be a part of SGP team! :)
Favorite Music
I like all kinds All American Rejects, Switchfoot, Barlow Girl, Fall Out Boy, Sheryl Crow, Michael Buble, Angles And Airwaves, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Kate Voegele, Justin Timberlake, Pussycat Dolls, 3 Doors Down, Jimmy Eat World ..etc
Favorite Books
- Currently reading…Vampire Diaries Book 4
Some of my favorites are…
-My Sisters Keeper
-House of Night Series
-To Kill A Mockingbird
-Twilight Series
- 5 People You Meet In Heaven

Happy to flaunt the glorious KO and Vicki interview- Another great read :) Enjoy!

Color Code: Vicki/KO

VICKI: I think I’m pretty much required to ask – how’d you find SoGoPro?

Like many of the other street team members I am a huge fan of One Tree Hill and Hilarie Burton. I was on a fan site one day trying to kill time when I read that Hilarie could possibly be leaving the show and that she had posted a video. So I went in search of this video and stumbled upon the old blog site. I thought what she was doing was so neat and I wanted to know more. Then after talking to everyone in the chat I was totally hooked.

VICKI: Yea, I’ve noticed many of us have similar experiences. And because of SoGoPro, we actually got to meet when we both saw Population 8…

I know and I was so nervous…haha. Its one thing to talk to someone online and another to meet them in person, I thought that it was going to be totally awkward or worse. I am happy to be able to say that was not the case. Not to mention that we were there to see a person who we had been following work come to life, it was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I think that was when SGP became real for me, it made me realize that I was a part of something so much bigger than myself.

Haha, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was worried about it being totally weird! Luckily it wasn’t!

VICKI: Even though I’m a complete internet junkie, I know that I never envisioned myself ever getting involved in an online community like SoGoPro. What about yourself?

Its something that I never really thought about to be honest. I don’t think that I ever planned on being part of a group like SGP. It just sort of happened. When I first started going onto the old blog site I didn’t really take it seriously, then after a while I realized that this was very different from all the other websites that I had visited.

I completely agree with you on that…

VICKI: One of my favorite things about SoGoPro is how diverse the team is. We hail from all over the globe! So, what’s the best part about living where you live? (Pennsylvania or your more specific area, whatever you want.)

That’s so true; SGP has touched so many people’s lives from all over the world. Who knew that one little production company could do all that! It still amazes me what SGP has accomplish over a year and a half.

Now what can I say about Pennsylvania….haha. The only thing that I can think of at the top of my head is that we had The Lovely Bones, The Happening, and Marley and Me filmed here. Also we have some of the prettiest roads that you will ever see, especially during the fall when the leaves are just starting to change. I know that those types of roads are everywhere but they are different depending on where you are. We are one of the top 10 states with the best drivers. Not sure which number though, but I thought that was an interesting fact…haha.

VICKI: And the worst part?

You have to drive to get just about anywhere around where I live, public transportation is not readily accessible and there is for sure not enough theatre shows around unless you are in the city.

VICKI: What was your favorite part of being involved with / following SoGoPro in the last year and a half? Or your favorite thing that has happened?

My favorite part about being involved/following SoGoPro would absolutely have to be seeing the projects that they have been talking and working on come to life. Things like Friendship Union and The true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It was the neatest thing seeing the finishing products of both productions. They had been talking about it for such a long time and when they were finally released the end result went way above my expectations. I could not help but feel so proud and full of joy for SoGoPro. J

Then there is of course meeting all of the people that SGP has brought together within the last year and a half. So many relationships have been formed and I think that is what makes SGP so special. I don’t think that any other production company can say they have an online community like ours. It is truly one of a kind. Friendships that I have made and have been made are going to last forever. No matter what happens to SGP.

VICKI: What would you like to see happen most in the next 18 months?

Good question! During the next 18 months I would most like to see the oil spill in the gulf be cleared up. There has been so much destruction caused by it and it needs to be fixed. PB either needs to get their butt in gear and step things up or someone who can fix things needs to step in and take control. This situation or should I say catastrophe has gone on long enough.

Haha, you are too cute! I (think) I meant the next 18 months of SoGoPro, but you’re answer is too cute not to leave as is!

When Niamh interviewed me, she had a great idea with the quick fire (slightly random) questions, so I’m going to do the same!

VICKI: Who would play you in your autobiographical movie?

If I could choose anyone in the world Sandra Bullock would be at the top of my list. She no doubt about it is my idol. She is the type of person who I aspire to be like, a strong, independent, classy, kind woman who is great at her job.

Good Answer!

VICKI: If you got to be queen of the world, what would your first royal order be?

Nice…I love this question..Haha. If I was queen for a day my first royal order would be to pay off everyone’s school loans. Random I know, but that is something that I think about everyday and I still am in school. It would be such a weigh lifted off my shoulders that I would want to share it with everyone. If feel that everyone deserves an education without the trauma of the dreaded school loans over their shoulders.

Oh. My. God. PLEASE become queen of the world. I too know what it’s like to think about how the hell I am going to pay off all the tuition debt I have. Your answer is 10x better than anything I would have ever thought of!

VICKI: I’m a GLEEk and I know you are too, so what’s your favorite of all the songs they’ve done?

Oh my goodness, that is such a hard question…lol. Only because I like so many of them that I could not possibly choose just one. Although, after last night finale I am going to have to have to say that it is a tie between Rose’s Turn, sung by Kurt and the Bohemian Rhapsody, sung by Vocal Adrenaline. Even though I despise them, you have to give them props.

Hahah, yea. Bohemian Rhapsody was amazing even though it was the enemy! I think that I will probably always stick with Keep Holding On as my fave though.

VICKI: You’re driving along and the light goes from green to yellow, are you slowing down or speeding up?

Haha I am definitely the person who is speeding up to get through the light. Although I have to say it depends how far away from the light I am. If I can stop I will, but if there is a chance that I can make it through the light I am for sure going to take it.

Well Ms. KO (as I like to call you!) you surprise me! I definitely thought that you would say slow down. Don’t worry, I’ll be speeding up with you, but let’s just hope we’re never driving near each other or that could be a problem!

VICKI: Do you have a pet?

Sad to say that I do not, but I would love to get a dog. Maybe a cocker spaniel, I hear they are very friendly and good around people. My uncle has a King Charles named Oliver and he will just lick you to pieces. Every time I see him I just want to take him home with me.

I don’t have pets either :( but a dog will probably be the first thing I get when I move out!

VICKI: What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Can we change that to clumsiest thing I’ve ever done? Haha I have tons of those stories! Many of them are quite embarrassing, as of right now I am not sure if I have done anything that I would consider crazy, silly but not crazy.

Sure we can!

Haha, one of the clumsiest things that I have ever done was in 9th grade. I was part of the marching band in high school. We had just arrived at a nearby high school for a competition. A couple of the girls and I were on our way to get our equipment from the trailer. I, of course, was walking backward, talking very dramatically. I didn’t see the curb that was coming closer and closer until I tripped over it and fell directly on my butt. I was so embarrassed and the best part was that my friends knew what was going to happen but no one warned me….haha. To this day it is still talked about when we all get together, how I tripped over the curb!


(edited to add): Okay so I thought this question was totally obvious, but apparently it wasn’t because KO had no idea what the hell I was asking! In case you aren’t aware, ROYGIP/V is a way to explain the colors of the rainbow: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Purple. Except some people learn violet instead of Purple. All I wanted to know is if she had a favorite between the two.

I don’t think that I really have a preference. I hardly remember which way it was taught to me…haha.

VICKI: Favorite childhood book or movie?

Hmm…my favorite childhood book would have to be Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. There was just something about being drawn into a completely different world than my own that captivated me. Even now I still love that book and the movies as well. I would dream about going to Narnia and meeting Mr. Tumnus and Aslan. The white witch scared the crap out of me..Haha. It was just one of the coolest places that I had ever read about at that time.

I’m shocked I haven’t read any of those! But you still gave awesome answers to all of these questions, so THANK YOU!!!! I’m sure everyone is going to love reading this interview!


  1. Lovely interview, I am definitely ROYGBIV!


  2. oh yes me too ROYGBIV…is definitely how I learned it…but I rarely use the world violet when speaking of the word purple (my fav. color btw)

    Anyway wonderful interview! I did love reading it!

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